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Plain / Cut Pile

At Village Carpets, you will find an unparalleled range of plain cut pile carpets on display. From 80/20 wool twists to carpets made from synthetic stain-free fibres such as polypropylene, we have 1000's of different plain carpets in every colour!

There is more to choosing a carpet that picking the colour though! Think about the amount of wear and usage your room will get. 80/20  twist are versatile, hard wearing and popular throughout the house, whereas chunky saxony or opulent velvet finishes may be considered a luxury for bedrooms and occasional rooms in the home.
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Also check out our current roll stock range and clearance lines to pick up a great bargains on twist pile carpets.


Loop Pile

Loop Piles, often called berbers, originates from the handmade, bulky wool carpet made by the Berber tribes of

At Village Carpets, you will find a variety of colours and designs, providing a textured alternative to plain cut pile carpets.  North Africa. Although many are still made from 100% wool, some are either blended with, or made entirely from, Polypropylene.

As with all carpets, bear in mind which room the carpets is for. A short, tight loop may not be the most comfortable underfoot but resists flattening and marking, making it idea for stairs and other heavy traffic areas. 



 There are two types of patterned carpets; those that are woven and those that are printed. Patterned carpets are more varied than plains, as you have a wide choice in both pattern and colour.

Axminster carpets are made on a broadloom and are mainly 80/20 wool blend, although some are 100% wool. Axminsters are generally more expensive than an equivalent plain owing to the tradition time consuming methods of weaving and the high quality of yarn used, that said, they final product is second to non in terms of design, quality, durability and appearance.
Wilton Carpets is another method for producing patterned carpets. Today, the majority of patterned wiltons produced use polypropylene yarn rather than a wool blend, producing a more reasonable product to suit any budget. 


Natural Floorcovering

Made from natural plant fibres and sourced from around the world, natural floorings such as seagrass, sisal and coir are the latest trend on show at Village Carpets.

Coir is produced from the husks of coconut shells and arguably the most rustic looking product on display. Its texture is coarse and wiry making it the perfect choice for high traffic area such as halls or stairs.

Seagrass is harvested from flooded paddy fields and spun into a strong yet simple weave. Due to its waxy texture, Seagrass is not suitable for stairs.  

The final natural on display is the incredibly hard wearing Sisal. With a wide range in colours and textures, sisal can be fitted anywhere in the house.

Stair Runners

Although some manufacturers produce runners specifically designed for stairs (usually between 60cm and 70cm) wide, any carpet on broadloom carpet can be cut and edged to make your very own custom stair runner.


Village Carpets are proud to display bespoke flatweave manufacturer Roger Oates and are the registered supplier for Cheshire and Lancashire.

For sisal and natural looking stair runners, take a look at Mellau.